Facebook Login for websites

written in classic ASP (VBScript)


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Facebook Login (previously known as Facebook Connect and Login with Facebook), is an easy code snippet written in classic ASP (VBScript) you can integrate into your website to allow users to login using their Facebook account.
This one-click procedure eliminates the need for passwords and manual registration to your website, saves time and is more secure for your visitors.
Our source code is readable, tidy and small. You only need to include 2 files into your existing website.


Once a user has granted your application the permission to interact with his/her Facebook account, you can do the following with this code:
• Get the connected user Facebook token
• Read basic user info (name, surname, e-mail, birth date, location, timezone, language, photo)
• Save the user into local database
• Display the user’s Facebook friends and page likes (only if user allows you that)


1) create Facebook app (or use existing one)
2) Edit lib/facebook.asp and replace the values under "your configuration" with yours
3) Upload script to your FTP
4) If you want to save user info to local database, import database.sql to your MySQL server

We made it simple and clear so that you can understand how you can use the Facebook API into your app or website, and extend the functionalities to comply with the special needs of your application. There are more useful information commented inside script.


• ASP 3.0 (VBScript)
• Microsoft IIS 6+
• MySQL ODBC 5+ (optional)


Version 1.9 (2020/aug/22)
• Facebook Graph API v8.0+ support
• automatically create user account in your database
• code rewritten and optimized

Version 1.8 (2020/feb/1)
• Facebook Graph API v5.0 support
• removed deprecated permissions

Version 1.7 (2018/sep/12)
• Facebook Graph API v3.1 support
• removed deprecated permissions

Version 1.6 (2018/mar/6)
• Facebook Graph API v2.12 support
• revoke access to app
• optimizations

Version 1.5 (2018/jan/9)
• Facebook Graph API v2.11 support
• cache control
• minor changes to permissions and optimizations

Version 1.4 (2017/jan/24)
• Facebook Graph API v2.8 support
• minor optimizations

Version 1.3 (2016/mar/17)
• updated oAuth process
• added "fields" param
• minor optimizations

Version 1.2 (2016/feb/6)
• Facebook Graph API v2.5 support
• minor optimizations

Version 1.1 (2015/aug/11)
• Facebook API v2.4 support
• minor optimizations
• detailed instructions for creating Fb App

Version 1.0 (2015/jan/8)
• initial release